About This Websiteearth

This is where I have to explain all of this right? Oh yeah, okay. Well this website was started about a month and a half ago for a computer science class. First when I started editing, I knew nothing about HTML or how to make a website at all, or even add a picture. So, little by little I started teaching myself and found out how to use html, but not perfectly obiously. I did of course, get some help from a classmate or two. About 3 weeks into my website I deleted something on accident and had to start all over... well that was a pain wasn't it? Well the funny thing is, is that before it was all erased, the website I had was comepletly different than the one I have now. Trust me.. if it wasn't for that little error I made, I would know nothing about HTML. This website was going to be a clothing site that I would sell things on but I wasn't really feeling that idea so I changed it up a bit. If you're wondering why I have a list of different clothing brands on the homepage is that well... those are some of my favorite brands to wear or to buy from. I also linked them for you so you wont have to serach all of them one by one at a time.


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